Dealer Starter Kit - Counter Display and 25 Assorted Magnet Emblems

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Please note, this product will only ship if your reseller form is approved. If it is not, you will get a 100% refund automatically within 3 business days. 

Approved resellers can purchase replacement magnet emblems at a dealer rate, please contact us to learn more. 

This countertop display is perfect for hardware stores, tool shops, service bays and more! Sell packs of toolbox emblems or single badges. You set your own prices! 

Display is approximately 15"x15" and has two legs on the back, making it free standing. Tape or screw to a surface for added stability and security if you choose. Magnets strongly adhere to the black surface, simply pull them off to rearrange how you want or to show customers. 

The 25 assorted magnet emblems will be different designs, fonts, and color schemes. This cannot be changed.